Agri Bio Cert

Ecological expert review and certification

Cooperative Agri Bio Certt also participates in the implementation of European co-development programs and projects in collaboration with its co-founders and partners at home and abroad:

BSP Europe Aid project "European bridge for improving the quality of food production"( 2008.-2009. )

EU INTERREG / CARDS / PHARE project "BIOLFISH - Program quality improvement and evaluation of olive oils, fish and seafood from organic agriculture and sustainable fisheries with the Adriatic coast"
( 2007.-2008.)

EU CARDS project "REGINA - The introduction and implementation of the model of sustainable rural development Primorje-Gorski Kotar County-based certified" green "entrepreneurship" ( 2005.-2007. )

EU CARDS project "SUCCESS - Support access to information and legal protection of the environment" ( 2005.-2007. )